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Welcome to Concrete Home, not just the most user friendly forum for concrete home architects, builders and contractors on the Internet, but also everything you wanted to know about ICF homes and ICF construction.

Insulating Concrete Forms - ICF
Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICF's, are stay in place forms used to build a superior concrete home. Benefits of building with ICF's include energy savings, fire resistance, superior structural integrity, and an ecologically sound building process, just to name a few. Once you have built ICF, or lived in an ICF home, you will undoubtedly never go back to the flimsiness of a stick framed house. The difference in quality is similar to the difference between Hoover Dam and a dam built by a beaver. And while the rumor of the highly priced concrete home persists the fact is that concrete homes are more than affordable - the energy savings that concrete home owners enjoy make the concrete home the more affordable home.

Affordable Concrete Homes
Within the last decade many homeowners, builders and architects have come to realize the superiority of the ICF home and the ICF boom is under full swing. By 2015, ICF homes are expected to make up 15-25% of all new homes built. More and more homeowners are looking for quality-built homes that will save on heating and cooling, and also withstand natural disasters. As the oil prices continue to rise, more and more homeowners are seeing that cheap, stick-framed homes are eating into their retirement funds, while the minimal cost to heat or cool an ICF home may afford the concrete home owner an entirely more comfortable standard of living. If you choose to build ICF, rest assured we have experts here to support you all the way.

The Friendly Concrete Home Community
This site and the folks at Concrete Home are here to offer you ICF information and education, along with support and friendly advice. The ICF Forum is open to everyone. We hope you will utilize the forum to guide you through your own concrete home experience. Whether you're an ICF expert or new to ICF's, we welcome you to browse through the site. Before you go, be sure to drop by the forum and say "hi".

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